Thursday, August 31, 2006

My youngest and I went south of the border so that he could reap the rewards of working the potato fields this summer. We stopped in at dad's favorite fast food burger joint for lunch. Dad doesn't like pickles.

Holy shit those ipods can hold a lot of stuff. He bought the top of the line model. He put all of his songs in there and still has room for about 6800 more. I remember when the "hot popcorn" was called a walkman. When I was his age (16).....hell, I don't wanna talk about what we didn't have. Posted by Picasa

HOW can you not like pickles???
too phallic maybe?
I like anything pickled! Except mangoes.. sadly, I'm allergic :-(
ah the special edition U2 iPod.... sweet.
and in BLACK no less. $289 + tax at Costco in Bellingham.
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