Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lord, I can do as you say when it comes to loving my enemy. It's those sons of bitches that live in the same city as me that I have trouble loving.

After my son and I enjoyed sushi together we dropped by safeway to buy some drain unstopper. I learned that you can't use draino in the toilet.

Safeway had buy on get one free sales on cans of soup and canned ravioli so I bought 12 (24) cans of campbell's chicken noodle soup and 5 (10) cans of ravioli. Then we put the items in the food bank bin and started our walk home. Along the way we heard a voice behind us. "Excuse me, can I get by you guys"? I turned around to see a guy on a bicycle. We were on the sidewalk. As he went by I said "that's why bicycles are supposed to be in the street" to which he answered "piss off". Then after he had gone twenty yards beyond us he exhibits gran bravado. He gives me the finger.

I just helped feed the poor but now I want to put somebody's nose three or four inches into his brain.

Not very Christlike am I?

I remember a guardian of America standing at an interstate stop sign with a badge and a revolver during the midnight shift when a car approached. The hispanic driver timidly held up the card that allowed him to stay. His wife in the passenger seat held an infant in her arms. As the car stopped the guardian saw a toddler sleeping in the back seat. The man had the look of desperation and the woman had the pose of a mannequin. The guardian signaled the driver to continue up the road that leads to Los Angeles.

THAT guy was Christlike.

How about my grandson's new shoes? Wicked cool eh?

wicked shoes for sure zona - he's gonna rock it.

and you know, i think you had every right to feel the impulse to whack that guy on the bike. he was the one being rude. his actions were uncalled for. the fact you didn't chase him down and beat him, is a testiment to your goodness.
you helped feed the poor, that's all that matters. you are Christlike. and that's why you deserve a grandson with such a cool pair of shoes. xx
very cool shoes. i'm jealous.
Oh Zona that is so great of you. Instead of concentrating on wanting to be the shit out of the jerk, concentrate on the hungry person enjoying a big bowl of chicken noodle soup!

And those shoes are too cute.

Everything that little is too cute.
Good job on feeding the porn.

The guy on the bike needs to grow some major balls.
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