Saturday, August 26, 2006

I was one of 20 lucky fans invited to Matthew Good's apartment for what may have been his final performance.

We all sat on the floor with portable fans keeping us cool and the dogs keeping us entertained while everybody arrived. The evening was a great mix of songs and conversation ranging from prostitutes and drinking until 4 am to movies and the music industry.

There was an guy from England and a guy from Texas. There was a girl who had flown in from Maryland and one who flew in from Edmonton.

Miss 604 was live blogging and ended up with a great post.

(Sorry I'm bad at making links look good)

I enjoyed the evening very much as Matt is a very relaxed guy and seemed to enjoy the evening as much as we did. He told us his travel plans and still left open the possibility that he will never return to Vancouver or Canada.

So now I have the cherished memory of seeing him perform for what may have been the last time although I kinda hope that it isn't.

i hope it isn't his last performance. i have yet to see him perform and am still hoping to get that chance. you were so lucky.
wow that's nice. hope you had a great time zona.
Yeah, I hope not as well. Thanks for the pics. It's a night I will always remember.
Wow how COOL!

Let's hope that he does return once he is over the bad stuff.

Neat pics too Zona.

And I can tell you how to make link pretty. After you paste it go into the HTML section of your post and you will see how the same thing is there twice...go in between these >this is where the same link is repeated< Take out the repeated link and put in your own words like >Check it out!<

You get me?

If not email me and I will explain.
Awesome pics! It was nice seeing you again. I put up a review of the evening on my blog as well.
I hope it's not the last time! He's hot!
Hopefully not the last time as're definitly lucky :)
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