Friday, August 25, 2006

I talked to my son this morning. He and the band are in Bangor, Maine and play in Portland tonight. The tour has met a significant amount of difficulty. Lots of shows fell though and many of those were because the people in charge of the venue/bar didn't make any effort to advertise at all. No fliers posted around town. Nothing. I must have a misconception about owning a night club or bar because I always thought that the main objective is to fill your establishment with customers consuming stuff that you make profit on by providing in as large of a quantity as possible.

I dunno maybe I'm just stupid in thinking that two live bands might attract these so called customer types into a bar or night club.

Silly me.

We've been tossing money into his account because we kinda like the idea of him eating at least once a day. He IS having a decent time though. Travelling all through Canada has been quite the adventure. They got the full treatment which included being scorned in montreal because they don't speak french. So now dad refuses to capitalise two more words.

Hit that link and get on to their my space page if you can because they're still posting videos and stuff from the road and some of them are quite funny. Posted by Picasa

No posters? What crazy people. We put up tons of posters for our event, in pink and hot pink because no one ever uses that colour. Its eye catching! I hope the rest of he tour goes better.

ps. Thanks for the post card!
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you're welcome. my son has made about $1,000.00 so far on this tour. that's the $$$ we've sent him. LOL
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