Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I break my silence today to send prayers drifting like silent whisps of twilight haze to a good friend who feels pain that nobody should have to bear.

Today he laid his beautiful sister to rest.

She was kidnapped, possibly raped, and murdered by an animal who was eventually apprehended in California after committing two more murders. Therefore it is very likely that my friend and his family will never have justice. He will more than likely receive a life sentence in California and Washington State will accept that and not seek a trial that would cost millions to the taxpayers. That just the way things work sometimes.

She was missing for about a week and feared dead as this man, who was known to police as a serial rapist, was named as the primary suspect after her car was found abandoned. He was thought to be headed to Mexico. He was apprehended when he tried to carjack somebody and brave citizens overtook him and held him for the police.

I thank God that her body was discovered. A horrible thing for the family to have to identify their sister and child but they have the solace in that they were able to be with her and lay her to a peaceful rest. I will never be able to find words that will console my friend when he returns to work.

Those words just don't exist.


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