Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cocorit, Sonora, Mexico
My roots go back to this sleepy little paradise of a town just north of Cuidad, Obregon. (northern Mexico) My uncle still lives on the lot where my grandmother was born and raised. I really need to get back down there. It's been way too long.

The interesting thing is that these kids are sitting on the banks of a canal. The American man who adopted my mother, along with some German families started the canal system that made this area into the thriving agriculture area that it is today.

Their lands would be seized by the government in a land reform. Now different wealthy people own them. One of my other uncles, the brother of the aforementioned uncle, was an agricultural engineer helping the small farmers in Chiapas (southern Mexico) when he was murdered by what my uncle believes were cronies of wealthy land owners.

Another uncle/brother jumped into a canal to save his fiancee from drowning. It turns out that she was playing and knew how to swim. He didn't. They rest next to each other now at the main cemetary in Cuidad Obregon.

I posted this on my Flickr page then thought, what a good post for the blog.

(KO ko reet)

Cocorit is Seri (the local indigenous people) for chiltipin. (cheel tee PEEN) Those are those pea sized chiles that kick your ass.
very cool post indeed.
Sometimes people ask me if I'm Mexican! :-)
nobody asks me. and I AM
dan I never knew speaking to the Mrs. in Spanish came naturally?
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