Thursday, August 10, 2006

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per the post below, you are right. there are no words. let us hope peace in our souls shall prevail.
I'm so sorry Zona.

That is awful.

Our legal systems (Canada and the United States) are awful.

We just had a convicted serial pedophile let out and within days he kidnapped two more boys and did unspeakable things to them.

I don't know how lawyers and judges can live with themselves when they allow these animals to go free.
There's a very small town between those signs.
Take the 10 west, merge on to the 101,exit Benton Way. Go two blocks, make a right. I will be waiting with a really good bottle of scotch.
Your picture made me laugh! Tom Miles made me laugh!

It's hard work catching up on all blogs after only a week and a half!

missy xx
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