Friday, July 28, 2006

Top ten bullshit sayings of a brand new 48 year-old.

10. It's just another day, not another year.
09. You're as young as the woman you feel.
08. Thank god I have a real job.
07. Now I can stop worrying about my waistline.
06. Well it aint 49.
05. One spank each from 48 strippers would be nice.
04. New golf clubs? How about two 24 year-olds instead?
03. All my links are younger than me.
02. It's the new 47!
01. I don't feel a day over kicking your ass!
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happy birthday sweet Zona boy. You are still a boy. You'll always be a boy.

Cute pic.

LOVE number one reason...or was that number ten? The reason at the bottom. :)
happy happy birthday, shit its birthday season man
happy birthday my man!!!


for some reason i took you for a much younger man.

whatever youre doing, keep it up!
Happy BDay! <3
Happy Birthday to you Zona
03. All my links are younger than me. you're so funny :)perkylicious have a great weekend.
happy b-day dude
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVEN THO IM LATE IN SAYING was written on my calendar tho!!!
Happy birfday, z. :)
Hope you had a good day. Did you get my card?
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