Monday, July 24, 2006

My spirit yearns for something that I cannot identify. It feels like I have very little time to do a lot of things. I am tired but sleep feels like a waste of time right now. My head feels like a balloon filled with warm air. I cannot be anywhere but the here and now for some reason. Like a dream where you need to escape something. Everything is moving in normal speed but I'm in slow motion and my feet are encased in blocks of lead.

I want to shoot a thousand, TEN thousand photographs. Anonymous people. Unrecognizable pieces of far off places. I want to produce results that split the critiques down the middle between genius and insanity.

My silence starts August 1 but I want to start now but I can't.

Not quite yet.

Then when I begin to speak again I want some to hear whispers while others hear shouts.

One month of silence followed by one month of noise.


In the meantime accept today's observation of two girls. Both young but one younger.

The younger one had an aura of extreme energy controlled for now because no effort or task was required. I asked her what she was going to be when she grew up and she said an actor or producer. That made sense to me but I think more to the production. I told her I could sense that she was going to dominate anything she attempted to do. I told her mother that her daughter was a "dynamo". This girl will reach and grab and not let go. Her mother beemed and then gave her daughter a kiss.

The older girl was prettier and just a bit older and plumper. I caught a sense of somebody who was going to find fame in adult entertainment. Then I thought to myself that I was thinking that soley based on the fact that she had large breasts and I shook it off. Then I looked at her mother's ID photo and sensed a woman who hounds her daughter. There were two daughters but she gets on this one more. They say that parents clash with the child most like them.

I looked at mom's face and didn't see the same thing. Then I looked at the girls face and saw a sort of happy. When I went back in my mind I sensed that my thoughts at the time somehow alarmed the two and they quickly put on masks.


I'm yearning for something unknown, too. And I worry that I don't have enough time to do it, and if I find a bit of time, I'm not sure I'll have the energy to face the unknown.
VERY interesting. Thanks for taking me along on that.
what is this silence thing you are starting? will you stop blogging too?
and for a month? that's a long time. please explain, so we can all find peace!
that's beautiful, zona.
I look back at the first part of this post and go WTF? but as Vesper says, NEVER delete. I'm just worried that I may be setting the bar a bit high.
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