Saturday, June 24, 2006

This was in the Korean section of downtown during the World Cup game involving Korea. I am glad that I am in Canada during the World Cup because I get to watch the BBC feed of the games. ESPN and ABC have the rights to the games in the US and what little I've seen of their coverage make me want to puke. The announcers are just morons. And what's sad is that one of them played for the US team in the past.

I DID hear one of the studio commetators throw a jab at US coach Bruce Arenas and thought that was good.

Do you know what I think would be really cool?

"Tell us ZB, TELL US!!"

I wish there was a cable package I could buy and have the options of seeing games broadcast to the countries of the teams playing. That way say, when Saudi Arabia played Japan I could watch the first half in Saudi and the second in Japanese.

I don't need to understand what's being said I just like hearing guys switch from their native tongue to the universal,


Check it missy. You have a TV station AND a bar in Vancouver!!

wicked xx
Best regards from NY! here
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