Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Post 759

The first blog I read is one I actually stumbled upon. It was the blog of Vancouver musician and human rights activist Matthew Good. I am a big fan of his music and when I finally met him at the airport we spoke a little about his blog. I logged into his blog to follow the adventures of his trip to Las Vegas. From Vegas he traveled to Los Angeles and Tony Pierce came into the picture. The rest is history.

Voix de Michele was the first blog to link me and naturally my first link.

Many many people have have entered my blogosphere. That will always amaze me.

My daughter stumbled onto the blog when she googled my grandson's name. It was a while before she would timidly tell me. She appreciated the chance to see the way I think. As a father I always tried to observe my kids doing simple things without their knowledge. I think any parent who does this begins to think "who is this kid"?

Now the tables were turned. Three of my kids read regularly and comment from time to time. It keeps me somewhat restrained in thinks I might say and post otherwise.

I hope to find a way to save the entire thing onto discs. I always wanted to grab a tape recorder and have my grandma and then my dad tell their live's stories but procrastination and now they're gone and it sucks that I didn't.

I want to thank you all for your kind comments and thoughts and for hanging around on this ride of mine as told in posts on a medium that did not exist when I was your age.

I want to thank Moni for helping with the banner and Chloe for her willingness to lend a hand to do other things that will soon be appearing. And finally a big thank to all you guys who will contribute to this adventure as it continues.

Zona Boy

happy birthday!!!
I'll be here.

It's your birthday?????????????
the blog's birthday
Happy blog birthday Zona!!!!!!!!

Much blog love.
thank you my sweet Binsk. you are the one true god.

but don't get big headed about it like last time.

happy blirthday

any time you want help with the bloggyblog just ask. i'm always willing to help others.
happy birthday zona blog.
did you know that there are a few services that turn your blog into a book? They bind it and send it to you.
here's a link: http://blogbinders.com
Happy birthday to the blog!
Happy blogiversary!! Love the new banner!
Happy Happy Birthday Zona Boy Blog!
happy blog birthday i mean!!!!!!!!!!! that's awesome that you have a cake!!!!
happy belated buddy!!!!
Happy Birthday, dear zona!
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