Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bruce Arenas said today that it was too early to assess his performance with Team USA at the World Cup. The United States lost to Ghana 2-1 and ended the tourney with ZERO wins and one draw.

Allow me Bruce.


You're not alone Bruce. Anybody involved in this fiasco is fired as well. The future of US soccer, Freddy Adu', was born in Ghana and since he has not played for the US in any international matches he is eligible to play for Ghana in the future should he choose to do so.

If I were Freddy not only would I not commit to playing for the US National Team I would seriously look at taking my game abroad. Don't be surprised if this young phenom ends up in Spain.

This is what I feel the United States needs to do to improve.

1) Hire a foreign coach. I would look at Argentina, England, and Brasil for possibilities.

2) Enter an agreement with several European and South American teams to send our young coaching prospects to other teams to apprentice and learn how the game is supposed to be played.

3) Try to get some of our young players to foreign teams in Europe and/or Argentina.

Freddy Adu needs to know that we are serious in making improvements and becoming a regular participant in the second round of the World Cup.

Freddy should have been named to THIS YEAR'S team and should have PLAYED. That way we lock him up for our side. I don't care if he's only 17. Pele' was 17 in HIS first World Cup. Adu' is the closest thing the US will have to Pele'.

I'm Czech and I am upset too, we just lost the game with Italy. But the good thing is that the world cup goes on and there will be a lot of good football to watch. Enjoy it!
I'll be GLUED to the set all weekend! Brasil finally found their game. Watch out for Argentina too. Maybe Spain.
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