Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Zona's mom finds heaven........in EGYPT.

Mom has taken her first trip since the passing of my father. She has been reluctant because she knows she would be coming home to an empty house. Mom LOVES everything Israeli which is why I was surprised when she told me that this trip included visits to Egypt and Jordan.

She's with a church group like always when she goes on these journeys but like me she loves to ditch the boring people of the group and even pays extra so that she can have a hotel room all by herself. She was dreading all the questions from the other ladies about her husband which is why her email from Cairo made me happy.

The group has several security guards with them but she has one who has become her personal bodyguard. Mom loves all things Israeli but the last time she was in Israel she fell in love with the policemen on the PALESTINIAN side. She just went up to them unafraid and smiled and joked and wanted pictures and they just lapped up all the attention. Of course she was with an American group but pointed out that she is a MEXICAN and probably, knowing my mother, spit on the ground when she said American.

So in her email she tells me about HER bodyguard and how he parted the crowd like Moses parted the Red Sea when he led her through the Cairo bazaar. "Maybe the uzzi he had strapped to his belt helped a little" she commented.

Mom's loving life.

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