Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wow, 666 posts. That might be why I'm watching women's softball on TV while waiting for women's golf to come on. Or maybe I've just been away too long.

Anywho. I noticed that I mentioned the last round of postcards and then mentioned a final round of cards. I DID mail the last round from Moab and the final round is ready to go on Monday.

I fly home on Wednesday, and Thursday I will start posting some pics. I originally started keeping track of who got cards when but soon lost track. I bet I sent out well over 50. Only a few of you got the same cards as I tried to buy/print what I thought would interest each of you. I think that everybody got at least three or four.

It was a lot of fun.

I only sent out one card that had me on it and that shot was deleted by accident along with all the shots from Tubac.

The next post will be from my home computer.

My next trip will be in October.

cheers from the road,


Looking forward to the postcards!

Safe trip!
they're on the way
I got wicked sunburned today taking photos but boy was it worth it.

can't wait to post the series

Yay! I check my mail today... three cards have arrived! Thanks so much! It made the bills in the mail much more tolerable.
i just loved my postcards -
my favorite i shall post the
pix of it possibly today
or tomorrow...
"i am in the world to change the

loved it!

the mark of the beast
Keep up the good work »
Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP »
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