Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tomorrow my road trip begins. The last postcards will come from this trip. Six days up to Idaho and back down south. I'm not getting up to Montana because I've decided to spend more time in the four corners area. (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado) Different cards for different places for different peeps.


pics of the road trip when I get back to Vancouver on the 25th.
have fun boy! i got the fridge magnet today, it's beautiful. Thank you my friend. xx
I got your card!! It looks so lovely!!!! THANK YOU!!
I've always dreamed of going to Montana. I've heard it's beautiful. Have you ever been there?
nice pic man! thanks! vegetarian you say? SUPER YUM!
I got two postcards this morning!

Thank you so much!
great! you're getting cards!!

more on the way. I love doing this.
have an awesome trip!
can't wait to see the pix!
hey man...haven-t been around in a while, but i-m back. have a good road trip. i love the post card thing. be safe...shitty about the flames.
Where's my card? ;-)

Or am I too late to join the crowd? :-)
i love the cards - thankyou!

That sounds like a cool adventure!
Thanks for the postcards! They're awesome.
Yay!!! I got two more today!! LOVE THEM!! Thank you soo much!
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