Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am back in Tucson after 14 hours on the road from Moab, Utah to the Four Corners Nat'l Monument to Route 66 sites through Flagstaff and Phoenix at rush hour and finally down to the Old Pueblo as Tucson is called.

Now a day of shooting in Tucson and then down to Bisbee on Saturday and the final round of cards on Monday.

Moab was wicked cool and is highly recommended. Just don't stay at the Ramada Inn unless you like soft beds.

I prefer to camp ;-)

missy xx
Sounds like a total blast. I think there need to be some serious road trips in my future.

Thanks again for the postcards. They're awesome.
the campgrounds at The Arches National Park near Moab were closed because the rodents are infested with bubonich (sp) plague.

they act like it's no big deal and I've heard that it comes and goes.

other than that camping would be phenominal in Moab as it is one of mountain biking's holy sites on the planet.

google it and you'll see. Moab, Utah
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