Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Four Corners National Monument.
If you go.
It cost $3 to get in. (It is on the Navajo nation so they maintain it)
There is absolutely nothing around it except for a flea market of Indian souvenirs.
I saw one dumbass lady go up and sit on the plaque while her dumbass husband took her picture. It was all I could do to stop myself from going up and saying, "gee, now you can tell all your friends you sat your fat ass in four states all at once".
My mom laughed when I told her that.

haha, good one about the ass.
Yeah that ass one is too good.

They maintain that thing and charge three dollars a person to see it????

I gotta put a plaque in my backyard. Yeah it'll say something like Binsk's house with an arrow....then the one pointing away from my house will say idiots please go this way. Oh yeah it's gonna be great. And five dollars. (Canadian)
I'm there
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