Thursday, April 20, 2006

Zona Boy's House of Style part two

1) Golf

2) Golf

3) I have two great great uncles who died fighting in the revolution with Zapata. It is HE who said "it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees". There are some who would have you believe that Che Guevara said it but it was Zapata.

4) Scottsdale Community College is legendary for this. When the school was first opened the students were forced to attend school in temp classrooms in the 100+ degree heat because the real classrooms were not finished. The sports facilities however, were another story. They were finished and they were IMMACULATE. You see, Scottsdale CC was meant to be a feeder school for athletes into AZ State U in nearby Tempe. The administration of the school decided to let the students pick the colors and the mascot for the school. An organized and angry and sweaty student body came up with pink and green for the colors and the Artichoke as a mascot. It stuck. It became world famous, and it stands to this day. You can buy little artichoke plush toys with arms and legs and a face in the bookstore. His name is Arti.

artichokes - want it
Zapata huh?
Um, but what about those of us who like being on our knees? ;)
i am definitely hitting th elinks soon!
What a great site »
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