Monday, April 17, 2006

ZONA BOY'S House of Style

I wear tee shirts almost exclusively. Here is part 1 of my favorites. Blogger takes so long to upload and I'm tired so it'll be in two parts.

1. Lil' Abner's Steak House. Tucson, AZ. My favorite steak house on the planet. It used to be in the middle of nowhere but the city caught up with it. They have menus now but it used to be when you asked for one the waitress would say "steak, chicken, or ribs". That's STILL all they have. You get beans, salad and bread with your meal. It used to be a stagecoach stop on the Butterfield Stage Line. It was owned by two mafia wannabes but now it's owned by their lawyer. I think they're out of prison now though.

2, Canadian Football League. My wife hates this shirt. I have it because I couldn't find the one that said "wider, longer, faster" in my size.

3. Big Nose Kate's saloon in Tombstone, AZ. My wife hates this shirt too.

4. Lilly Harley Davidson. I'll let you guess why I have this shirt. The place does not exist anymore. The shop was seized when the DEA sent the owners to prison for life for dealing meth and handguns. Nope, not related to me as far as I know.

5. Arizona Wildcats shirt. Us hip people just call them "The Cats".

6. One of my raid shirts. Not that I ever go on raids.

7. You tell me. Isn't that the coolest mascot name ever? The Blue Ponys. Havre (HAV ur) Montana High School. I love this shirt and I really should stop wearing it so much because it's probably impossible to replace now.

love the lilly!

you're welcome
I have shirts which say:

Don't mess with Texas (Thanks for the gift, Mike!)


Cobra Freestyle Martial Arts

--That's about it.
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