Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Post for Pitt


I found myself working with the flights connecting in from all parts of Canada. I would say that these people came in from a place called Bumfuk but that's the American version.

Canadians add words to Bumfuk to put their twist on, so it is fair to say that these fools came in from places like Bumfuk River, and 100 Mile Bumfuk.

So they come down a long glass hallway and can see the luggage carousel and the stop and point like they were at some freaking aquarium or penguin exhibit and many of them try to go through a locked door that says "authorized personnel only" which should be translated to stupid traveler language and say "not through here asswipe".

Of course they wouldn't read that either so the damned door should just be wired with enough electricity to instantly evacuate their intestines.

Of course it's the only freaking luggage carousel they see but they all have to ask if that's where their luggage is. They get the classic "bitch slap" glare from me.

Air Canada hates when I work this area because a number of bags somehow always get left behind.

Stupid Bumfuk Riverites.

awesome post Zona. lol
Too funny. I find so much humour in anger. :)
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