Monday, April 10, 2006

My national protest.

The United States is being invaded by a flood of people through a border that is open for some and is not open for others. I don't use the word closed because it is impossible to close the border. The wealthy and the white cross the border legally. The brown and the poor cross the border illegally. Both groups then find ways to stay until they have something in common. They're in the U.S. illegally.

I've dealt with illegal aliens by the hundreds and I have to look far and wide to find the few that I didn't like. The migration of people on this planet goes back a few years. The flow of Mexicans into the U.S. is more recent and is something I have seen all my life. As a young boy I remember a cleaning lady that my grandmother employed one day a week. When I spent time with my grandmother I used to ask the woman to make tortillas and she would. I used to love watching her slap the dough from one hand to another until it was flat enough to toss on the flat cast iron skillet and cook. Then I happily spread butter on the fresh tortilla and ate it while she smiled and made another.

The cleaning lady was illegal. She crossed the border legally with a border crossing card but she was not legally allowed to work.

I've witnessed first hand the flood of illegal aliens and I've laughed with them and cried with a few. I've even been invited to their homes if I were to make it down deep into Mexico where most were from.

Now the U.S. is a rich nation and the news often shows our generosity when a gravely ill child is flown to one of our state of the art hospitals from some far off country for operations that grab them back from the brink of death. Many times the story is on the TV news and we all glow with joy to see a life saved. Yet some people cry out in anger because a critically ill premature infant is allowed to cross the border in an ambulance to receive life saving treatment at a local hospital. They're angry because the parents of that child have no money to pay and the hospital and the taxpayers are left with the cost burden.

Is any infant worth more or less than any other infant?

It's an argument about money. How much does it cost ME is what is being pushed into our faces. Nobody thinks about what is gained or what the alternative is. I just heard that assuming we could get our hands on the estimated 12 million illegal aliens, and that 25% of them went voluntarily, it would cost 12 billion dollars to deport them all. Of course that won't happen.

We hear that illegals do work legals won't and I immediately say that the truthful terminology is that illegals do work that legals won't do at the wage the employer is paying.

Something must be done and two things suggested are just plain impossible.

1) You can't seal the border.
2) You can't deport all the illegals.

There must be a way to legalize the illegals who have woven themselves into our society and have broken no other law.

We can't make this problem go away. We can only ignore it or fix it. Ignoring it will cost more money.

I support any law to be passed that allows good people to work toward legal status and eventual citizenship of the United States.


i completely agree with you. i believe that you are talking about one of the things that they did in spain last year. because there were so many illegal immigrants from morocco, algiers, and south america, they said straight up that anyone who had been in the country up until ....specified date, would get a residence card or work permit, no questions asked. but it was a one time only kind of thing...i don't know if it worked well or not, but i think it's a good idea.
There you go. Those who made manged to actually make their way into the US were probably a little smarter than the run of the mill, anyways.
Happy Easter xx
interesting....and i can't believe i didn't check in here sooner on this hot topic due to your close occupational proximity on the subject....i agree with most of what you said...
You would think that the people who risk so much to work hard and live the American dream would be EXACTLY the kind of folks you would want to welcome with open arms.
As an ESL teacher, I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for an articulate and thoughtful and concise post.
I agree with you.

Everybody derserves the right to make a living.
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