Friday, April 21, 2006

I received a hug from a young woman who was returning home after a long time away.

I beautiful young woman whom I barely know.

I cannot remember a nicer hug.

It was a hug that said "come with me" or "I wish I could stay with you" even though that was in no way her intent or thinking.

A soul hugging another soul.

Although she will never read this post, it is very dedicated to her.

My life is a river

I am on the flatlands now flowing through a sea of wind bowed grasses. I move slow and deep with time to reflect on my journey. Meandering was the right word for the authors to come up with because I am in no hurry. I am supposed to be wise and profound but many times I resist those things to thrust myself like a struggling salmon back to the time of my youth just one last time before I reach the sea.

Back to the time of my youthful headwaters when it all moved fast and glorious. The days tumbled over rocky places and laughed over the drop offs into pools deep and clear before rushing onward under the branches of tall trees where birds sang morning songs.

The summer shown down on me and I reflected bright into the sky. The fall rained leaves down on me and they joined in the laughter as I raced down hill in such a hurry. The winter struggled to slow me down but I continued on hidden under a blanket of white.

Through the valley I became boisterous rapid taunting all who dared me. Confident enough to tumble the banks and carry them down with me. Strong and loud diving deep and jumping high, white foam adventure.

I rested through meadows while small feet tickled my edges and skipped stones across. I nestled them as they waded and warned them at the deepness. I glided around long bends of changing directions. Days became long and tranquil and the evening moonlight caressed the ripples of the surface.

But now I flow smooth to the coaxing of late summer laziness. Knowing that one day I shall reach the sea I have decided not to lash at the shore like a desperate soul when I arrive. I think instead I shall flow far into the deep blue and dance along with a ship with wind swollen sails seeking adventure into an eternity of horizon.

Song of the day: Jeff Buckley, Last Kiss Goodbye.

Sounds wunnerful!
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