Thursday, April 27, 2006


I can't hold it any longer because there are just TOO MANY dumbass people and I have to VENT!!!

A lady asked a judge to award her 1.2 MILLION dollars as compensation for the humiliation she suffered when she was SPANKED at work in some IDIOT'S attempt to foster workplace camaraderie. (CNN)

A man was arrested for going door to door posing as a doctor and giving women free BREAST EXAMS! (CNN)

Me and a coworker at the airport were examining a sealed commercial box of candied fruit that we could not recognize from the picture. The guy told us that they were very delicious but the bad part was that they smell like farts.

And for godssake will SOMEBODY declare that ALL those frikking crunched up straw cowboy hats OFFICIALLY OUT OF STYLE!!!


I feel better. I would write more but I must now make my rounds of the neighborhood.


Dr Zona

Posing as a doctor?

turn your head and cough
That feels better.
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