Sunday, March 05, 2006

Zona Boy's Oscar comment

The greatest movie moment in any movie nominated for any award this year was the scene in Crash when the little girl comes running out of the house to protect her father from being shot because she had the magic cape on that he gave her to wear for protection.

That single scene was better than any of the other complete movies nominated and is the reason Crash should win movie of the year.

Love the film. Love the score.

And when your cam arrives, you can post all the cam goodness to make me envious!
Since I just recently watched Crash it is very fresh in my mind. That scene with the girl made me cry so much. The whole film made me feel sick. Although it was an uncomfortable reaction I thought it was great, rarely to films evoke such a deep reaction from me.
I almost literaly erupted into sobbing at that scene. I've never felt that before. Very powerful
You're right. That was a great scene. I don't remember liking the ending though, which taints the whole movie in my mind. If only I could remember HOW it ended...
The worst movie moment of the Oscars this year was "It's Hard Out Here for A Pimp" winning Best Song. That's not a song...just noise.
Shit ZB her dad was so hot I would have run out and done that too just for the chance to touch him. ;)

Really though I admit it, it made me cry.
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