Sunday, March 12, 2006

Zona Boy's list of fave TV miniseries

Bolivar (A Venezuelan TV production from the 80's. I'd kill for a copy)
Centennial (I have the set on VHS)
The Thorn Birds
Band of Brothers
Ken Burns' Civil War

Other TV notes:

Season 2 of Hill Street Blues comes out in May. I was pissed when I got season 1 and saw that they went cheap with double sided discs. Assholes.

I just finished watching season 3 of News Radio. Phil Hartman was murdered during the making of season 4 so it will be interesting to see what they do as far as a tribute when that season comes out.

The Sopranos is starting soon. This should be the last season. It was supposed to have been only four seasons. I wish they would have stuck to that because in my opinion most of season 5 sucked.

I'm getting into my TV series at the moment, too. Band of Brothers is good and my friend and I watched the entire series at one go. A bit silly as we were so tired after being cooped up in my cinema room, not getting sunshine. Also, most likely the reason why my old projector bulb blew up! A new bulb costs £350 (old models use bulbs that are more pricey) so just got a new one!

And Missy lived happily ever after.
Out of all the shows I have gotten hooked on over the years, The Sopranos is one I never even tried.
I didn't get Hill Street's season one yet (but payday's this Friday so Amazon'll be hearing from me) ... when you say double-sided discs ... you literally have to flip the disc over to play it after side one is done playing? Jeez ... may as well be a 33 RPM.
I loved, loved, loved Hill Street.
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