Saturday, March 25, 2006

Weekend hit and runs
Above are the two golf balls I spoke about in another post. One ball through the whole round. My two lowest scores ever. An 80 in Douglas, AZ and an 81 in Calgary, AB.
I can understand why a woman would keep her name as a hyphenated last name in combination with her husband's but why do that to the kids giving them two last names?
Gonna paint a mental picture because I had to see it walk towards me and could not run away or scream out. A 60 year-old woman with a really bad haircut and a too small pant suit that gave her a camel toe of olyimpic proportions.

Thanks for that mental picture... now I am trying to find something to erase it from my mine.
yeah, let's do without the mental pictures next time...misery does love company.
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