Tuesday, March 28, 2006

These are my other rings.

Left to right:

"The Thunderstorm" Bisbee Blue turquoise. This ring is always on my right ring finger. If I only have one ring on (like when I'm working) it's this one. I had it made in 1994 and since then it's doubled in value because that particular turquoise is almost impossible to find. Beware of false claims of this. You'll pay US$ 50.00 a carat for genuine Bisbee Blue. These stones were taken out of the Bisbee Lavendar Pit copper mine back in the 1970's.

Abraham Begay inlay. Begay is a hugely famous Navajo jewelry making family. Abraham has a studio in Flagstaff, Arizona. I got this at a bargain price on Ebay. The ring is signed. I wear it on my right index finger when I wear it.

The meteorite. This is a bad picture of this ring but the best shot of the others. What you see as black on this ring is actually nickel colored. The brown that you can make out is brown. This is a slice of a pallasite meteorite that hit Belarus in 1810. I bought this slice a few years back at a great price. Look up pallasite on Ebay and you'll see that now it is quite expensive. This piece of meteorite flew across the universe for who knows how long and from who know where. Now me and it cruise the cosmos together. I wear it on my left index finger.

Memory of Virginia City, Nevada. I bought this light blue turquoise ring in Virginia City because it caught my eye and it fit. I wear if from time to time on my right index finger.

The Thunderstorm and the Meteorite rings were made by my favorite silversmiths. Wizard's Workshop in Tombstone, Arizona.

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