Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ten things I'm giving up for lent this year

1. Root Beer enimas
2. Urinating on the tire of my neighbor's car
3. Cat juggling
4. American Idol voting
5. Drinking coke between the hours of 3:12 and 3:13AM
6. Molding my mashed potatoes into "binsk busts"
7. Telling passengers that their airline is "overdue for trouble"
8. Underwear
9. Chasing cars down the street
10. Sitting in shopping carts outside grocery stores and asking single women to push me to their "love aisle"

Before I actually read the list I thought you were very ambitious.

Silly me.:)
But your name is now legend for
number 10 - please don't give
THAT up - you will deprive so
many good hearts the joy of
number six is fucking hilarious.
Zona Boy, you're a fine Catholic.
You sure you can do this?
no. 7 is by far my favorite. nice work here.
I highly doubt you can handle number five you may as well give up now. ;)

You make me laugh
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