Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I got this off Vesper's blog. I failed miserably on hers so I made mine a tad easier.


I have a doctor's appt this afternoon. I told them to have the euthanasia ready.


I only got one wrong!!!!!

Guess which one that was?????

Too funny.
only 60 Zona, 60!
The appliances thing was my ruin.
Have a nice death
I got the lowest score on Vespers
so I'm scared to humiliate myself
yet again.
70 - but I was having fun
being silly on purpose because
you are often quite silly.
40 lol!
So now you know what I think about while I golf binsk.

I'n not a coffee drinker chloe.

gee, thanks jennifer.

PS: you're out of the will.

I like silly madelyn.

Your answers made me laugh the loudest missy. It hurts to laugh right now but it was a good hurt
I'm in second place! woot.
What a great site
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