Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So my weekend is over. Back to work tomorrow.

Monday was a fabulously beautiful day. SUNNY, warm, no wind to speak of.

Tuesday was overcast, cold, windy and threatening to rain all day.

Now guess which day I chose to go get my taxes done and which day I chose to go play golf. Story of my life boys and girls. Arizona got knocked out of the NCAA tourney on Sunday by a number one seed. Oh well.

But the GOOD news is that I FINALLY got that image posted after three days of trying.

GEEZ blogger!

I want to touch them.
Gorgeous. Zen-ish.
They're at Boundary Bay park near Ladner, BC
Blogger was treating me bad too! I had to use Buzznet to post pictures.
That is a VERY cool shot.
It's worth the wait!

You can upload them in flickr and past the html code?
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