Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So I was sitting on the can and I noticed that there was no toilet paper. Who DOESN'T hate that? So I try to get the attention of the person in the next stall.

"Excuse me, is there a spare roll of paper over there?"

For whatever reason she lets out this BLOOD CHILLING SCREAM.

So when I walk out of the bathroom I'm met by two cops. I don't see the problem and I explain that I had to go and the men's side was shut down for cleaning.

I mean really, it's not like I was shaking anything at anybody. The stalls are enclosed so everybody's privacy is assured.

Women are just too uptight at this airport.

Sometimes I don't know if you are writing truth or fiction. ;)
I always go to the guys toilet when there is a line in front of the girls. I just yell: "WOMAN INCOMING!!"
Next time, check before you go?
heh. you should have brought a firecracker to throw over the cubicle wall - for added effect.
and it's so late and i can't laugh out loud. ahahaha. you are so cool.
I'm with Vesper. You should make it a contest for your readers to find out.
So funny - I ALWAYS go into the
men's bathrooms - very very
quickly - straight into a stall-
because women take tooooo long-
and i hate to line up.

I'm in - and I'm out.
How does someone with seven comments on his last post complain about getting "three hits a day"! You're bustling compared to me.
Excellent, love it! » »
Enjoyed a lot! film editing classes
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