Thursday, March 23, 2006

Okay, how about ten things that EXCITE me?

Joanna Krupa
Thin mint Girl Scout cookies
A new golf ball on the first tee
That same golf ball in the 18th hole
Finding another great subject to shoot
Watching the image appear (old school darkroom)
More than ten comments to a post (okay okay, WOULD excite me)
Pushing the gas pedal to the floor....and holding it there

Explanation of some of the above:

Joanna Krupa is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. In person she looks better than 95% of any of the pictures I've seen of her. I don't know another woman I can say that about.

The same golf ball in the last hole as the one I teed up at the first hole is always a goal of mine. To go the entire round without losing a ball is rare for me. I've only done it a handful of times. Two of those balls are in my bookcase with the date and score. Two others are on my father's grave. I can't recall any others lately. (last 5 years)

Maybe you would change your mind after meeting some of your blogger guests here. I bet some of the girls here look 105% better in person than the fuzzy pictures they post.

Ok, post number 1...9 more to excitement!
maybe you're hidden behind one of the "censored".

You are such a funny boy Zona. Or Zona boy.
mint cookies and johnny depp
Johnny Depp.........mmmmmmmmmmm...........chocolaty minty perfection.
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