Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My new digital Canon is here. I HATE reading manuals but I'm forcing myself.

Power Switch

ON: The camera operates
OFF: The camera is turned off and does not operate. Set to this position when not using the camera.

Any questions so far?

Been there - well, still here with
my new camera.
I HATE reading manuals more that you do I bet. I can't even force myself to do it.
I imagine I'll just charge the battrees and jump into it. There ARE some interesting features I need to experiment with.
Sometimes trial and error is the way to go.
So what happens when I turn it off?? No operation... I don't get it. Help please.
i hate manuals too. Just bought a new phone and have a few new text messages that I have been too lazy to try and figure out how to retrieve. My new Canon digital got stolen right out of my house by someone who came to visit. we don't know who it is, but it is unsettling to think a thief is abound in my home
i hate reading manuals too so if anyone here does read them: Why do my sunlight photos have lots of blue???
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