Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My bunions is hurting because.....

I'm gonna be a grandpa again. I worried my daughter when she told me because grandpa's just don't take that news very well I guess.

We worry because we've been there.

We worry because we worried when we were there.

But when I think about it who wants their kids to just have one kid? I like the idea of siblings to protect and fight with. I mean that way they can take turns pushing your wheelchair into traffic.

I love you Jennifer!

I hope it's a girl.

If it is don't name her after your mother because she'll get really mad.

Sweet news!
Good news!! Congrats.

JaG @ work
Cool beans, yo! I can't wait to be a grandma. And I agree on the siblings thing 10000%.
Congrats Zona boy.
Love you too
woohoo! congratulations!
and you'll make a wonderful grandpa.
so sweet. xxxxx
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