Sunday, March 12, 2006

A lot of times I fantasize about a young Kathy Ireland walking towards me and slowly revealing that she has nothing on beneath her silk robe of dark blue with golden accented detail but what I really want in my life is a Monday thru Friday day job.

Cathy lets the robe drop to the ground, puts her gentle hands on my chest, looks me in the eyes with her beautiful submissive gaze and softly asks,

"why do you want that kind of job?"

I lean my head back and take a gasp of air as her softness reaches my body and her perfume embraces my soul,

"because I miss having weekends off and envy anybody who does."

Saturday mornings are wonderful things. Anticipation of activity that does not include work. Maybe a park. Maybe golf. Maybe shopping at the mall. Maybe the flea market. Do the yard work before the college football games come on. Then out to dinner. Maybe a movie too.

Sunday mornings are glorious. The newspaper. Bacon and eggs. The quiet of the backyard as the light from the sun gets to that perfect spot where all detail is sharp. The birds singing and the occasional dog barking. Most of the world has the day off and it FEELS like a Sunday just like Saturday FELT like Saturday. Sunday is the day to do nothing because doing nothing is the greatest of all accomplishment.

Think of it. If you suddenly became a multi millionaire what would you spend most of your time doing? Nothing?

Sunday off makes me feel like a millionaire.

Kathy pulls me close to her and places the warmest of kisses on my lips and my hands find the small of her back. She looks into my eyes,

"What do we do now my love?"

"What day is it?"

"It's Sunday."

"Put some clothes on. Let's go for a drive into the country. I made us a picnic lunch and I found the nicest blanket to spread out on the ground and a new book of poetry by some guy named Yates."

what a nice plan for a Sunday: picnic and poetry. My kind of person xxx
I agree with Chloe! And it's really a good idea to have a picnic with clothes on! It gets really chilly round here plus young families do not approved of naked picnics - kill joys!
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