Thursday, March 09, 2006

The last time I saw Plato he was lamenting
He's always lamenting
I think they invented the word
Just to let me describe the man
He set his newspaper down
And took a long drag on a filterless cigarette
Smoke came out of his nose when he spoke
The dragon effect he sought
"D W" he said in a verbal shrug
"I'm glad Socrates isn't around"
"That was a guy with a wicked temper"
"To go with a hung over disposition"
"I DO have to give it to your generation"
"the women are much more assertive"
"It's a tremendous turn on"
"The submissiveness gets old"
"And those togas covered up the good parts"
Then the waitress set down our orders
It wasn't good when he pierced a yolk
"Over easy my ass" said the old man
"And not even the Mesopotamians,
would serve these hash browns"

love the word "lamenting"
must get that in my post or

beautiful fun poem and love the
colors in the painting...

i am lamenting the fact that i
cannot draw.
Heh --you be funny boy, write nicey-nice.
where are you Zona? you haven't posted in ages and it's so unlike you. You ok? xxxxx
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