Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Some dumbass down at Tim Hortons poured the wrong mix into the hot chocolate and it tastes like CRAP.

You see, I walk down to the other end of the airport for my hot chocolate and donut. I eat the donut but I don't drink the hot chocolate until I get back.

For those of you who aren't familiar the hot chocolate dispenser also dispenses French Vanilla and another powdered coffee. The compartments are separate but if some idiot pours one of the coffees where the chocolate goes.......


Oh yeah, that must feel really bad. But the only way is up from here, right?
I don't blame you! It's the simple pleasures in our work day that make it bearable, if those are taken away - we have nothing left!

I actually walked to work today in this violent weather...despite wearing a long wool coat, my pants are soaked all the way up to my thighs.
God, can't seem to get the staff these days can you?
Was the donut yummy?

donuts are ALWAYS yummy
I don't care what Michael Moore says, this is an example of when you NEED a gun.
Oh man, that sucks. Reminds me of when some chick made my latte with cow milk instead of soy milk, I took a sip and spat it out. I was way to far away to go back and get another.
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