Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I ordered a $1,200 Canon Eos 8 megapixel camera the other day. It should be here in a week. I got the greatest deal because I got it through the union at work. The $$$ comes right off the top of my check. It's paid for in a year. No interest. No finance.

I travel in May. Road trip. Two cameras. I'm gonna dive back into some serious photogging. I hope I still have a good eye. You'll be the judge.

I'm still planning my month of silence in August. No words. Just pics. NEW pics. I've been planning something really cool and I know you'll dig it. Just 5 more months.

Banff, Alberta BTW
I'm jealous.
So in August you'll be giving us the silent treatment eh? Good to know so far in advance.

I don't take nearly enough pictures to pull something like that off.
Keep up the good work africa travel Illinois security company requirments
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