Thursday, March 02, 2006

I may be death warmed over right now but I am certainly NOT a eunuch.

So I head to the doctor but I don't see a doctor I see a nurse practitioner who tells me that I more than likely have bronchitis but there also is the possibility that I am developing asthma. Lovely. (I've had this cough most of the winter)

My sternum is sore from all the coughing but my back if feeling much better. My mucus is draining out my nose now and I have antibiotics to save my wife eventually from hearing my constant whining.

I have an ample supply of Coca Cola and I'm even in the mood to get on this thing so I must be on the road to recovery. The quiz results are making me laugh which causes me to cough which makes my sternum hurt more.

Have you ever had nights where you've had rerun dreams and realized during the dream that it was a rerun you didn't care for and told everybody there you were waking up to go back to sleep to see what else was on?

That was my night last night.

Wow, spell check says I got it right the first time.


Hey! Hope you do not indeed have
asthma - stinks - also
does the blogger spell check work?
doesn't seem to be working on mine?

I swear I thought you were a eunuch...
Those quiz are fun to take... I wish everyone would do them and I can all take them!
I must be so tired when I wrote that last comment!

It should read: I wish everyone would do them (meaning the quizzes) and I can take them all.
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