Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I love the eyes of a soulful woman because they beckon me to embark on a journey.
I love the smile of a contented woman because it tells me everything is going to be alright.
I love the whisper of an alluring woman because it lays me down in fine linen.
I love the aroma of a playful woman because it spins me around with my arms outstretched.
I love the hair of a dancing woman because it brushes my cares far away.
I love the feel of a giving woman because it makes me feel I'm a complete man.

I love woman.

Slip into soft slumber dreams with me and I will rise as you enter the room.
I will pull the chair for you.
I will summon the violin.
I will feed you from my plate.
I will woo you until the candle flicker fades.

I promise.

feed me from your plate?
Did you read my post?
You already have me wooed. This post reminds me why I love being a woman. You're so awesome ZB.
Ooh! Spring has begun in blog land!

Hello Mexican!
hola senoritas
wow...the ladies will/do love that one...well done.
Zona Boy is my new hero.
You should go to burning man. think.

You have something restless....and creative......going on.... Very cool. ;)
I could do burning man for a day but that's about it. Too many nekkid people who have no business being nekkid.

Going to do the high line thru Montana in just under a month.

You have such a beautiful way of expressing your love of women.
Keep up the good work » » »
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