Friday, March 17, 2006
Did you guys here me laugh when I saw this? I was one of these guys but without the bicycle so let me tell you some urban legends, some humorous stories, and some Mormon mother traditions.
Mormon mothers with daughters about the same age as the missionaries (18-20) love to invite the missionaries to dinner, (members were encouraged to help the guys out by feeding them a meal) in order to showcase the daughter. When I was about that age, some of the missionaries in our ward would comment to me about one particular mother who used to brag about what her daughter's inheritance would be.
Brigham Young University is the private Mormon run school and all returned missionaries are accepted sight unseen when applying to attend. Of course they are swarmed with about a 4-1 girl to boy ratio. They're lucky if they're still single in their third year.
There was the urban legend about the mother who lured a missionary into a room and the quickly locked him in where he discovered the daughter standing before him.......butt nekked.
There was the story that my mission president told us about his companion who went down to the story to by milk, by himself, and fell pray to temptation. That's why you always see the guys in pairs.
Then there was the friend of mine who was being "pestered" by sister missionaries. He shook them one day when they showed up at his door in the morning. He had just gotten out of bed and opened the door wide for them to see that he was wearing only boxers and sporting morning wood. For some reason they never came back.
Several of my missionary buddies married girls they met while we were missionaries. It's not looked upon with much favor to do that but as far as I know all are still happily married. I met my wife on my mission but there was no "set up" whatsoever on her or her family's part. We didn't date until I returned to Bolivia two years after completing my mission. Missionaries dating, of course, is strictly forbidden.
The one sad story is that Miss Inheritance married a missionary who had been a guest for dinner and he ended up being physically abusive to her.

I didn't know you were a missionary, ZB - that's pretty wild.
I will never understand.

There was once a LDS kid I thought about seducing once just to see if I could. I decided his non-LDS friend was cuter though.
Best regards from NY! »
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