Saturday, March 04, 2006

Back to work.....

after 4 days off. Two sick days and two scheduled days off. Oh it's so nice to be back on a Saturday when the morons come out to play.

The man, I guess, and his mother who have the same hairstyle. I get the feeling he lives at home. I should have asked why they weren't traveling with their dogs but that might have been considered cruel.

Then I almost get knocked down at Tim Hortons by a baggage handler who can't quite grasp the concept of "exit". Of course it's hard to grasp anything when your knuckles drag on the ground.

Damn this airport and their "No personal flamethrower" rule.

Yo. What about your littler flamethrowers?
I met the nicest lady who lived
with her son - they travel all
around the world together -
I have a tremendous fear of
flying and she held my hand
while I almost went into cardiac
arrest during turbulence.
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