Friday, February 10, 2006

Zona Boy blog post. June 2036

My daughter said that I seemed lonely and that maybe I should consider remarrying. I told her that there WAS this woman I met at the nursing home that I kinda liked. She was so happy to hear that until I introduced Colette after we eloped to France to get married.

She was SHOCKED.

I said, "what, you thought I was talking about a woman who LIVED at the nursing home"?

photo by Sacha Dean Biyan

naughty zona.
if you want that kind of woman when you are that old, you'd better start saving now!
LOL @ what Chloe said.
ever heard of Anna Nicole Smith? I have the dough. She just THINKS she's getting it all when I kick off. Naughty zona INDEED!
Ha ha. Chloe is so right on this one. I think that woman is far more beautiful than Anna Nicole.
probably a much better conversation too.
Her motto: marry a very old man with bad, bad cough.
That chick is GORGEOUS.
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