Monday, February 20, 2006

The world and you and me

We rule over all that we can see
The world and you and me
Two spontaneous spirits so carefree

So me and my gal cruised the neighborhood from the park down to the shore looking at each other and laughing at the silliness of the people. Avoiding the capture and stealing from the have too much and keeping for us. Wrestling on the lawn while the sprinklers drenched us to contentment in the summer sun. Dodging traffic and spinning skirted ladies like dervishes and the swing and miss brooms of the fruit stand owner.

We cruise the back alley adventureland and scat the cats up the fire escapes to scream their disdain while we shouted back insults from below. In our hideaway backyard we bask in the early afternoon sun while the world continues racing through the void at breakneck speed.

My gal and I huddled under shelter when the thunderstorms clear the streets except for the odd newspaper umbrella running for the bus. Then to dinner at our favorite back door diner where the tattooed man tells us we have it good.

And we do.

This made me smile!
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