Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why am I happy that Switzerland beat Canada 2-0 in hockey?

Well part of it is because Canadians boo American teams for the simple reason that they're American teams and friends of mine were harassed and insulted at the world juniors in Vancouver for supporting our team.

But most of it is because David beat Goliath again.

I was happy when the USA beat the Russians and then the Fins to take gold in 1980.

I was happy when Brazil beat the #1 ranked USA men's volleyball team to take gold.

I was happy when Sarah Hughes came out of nowhere to win gold in figure skating.

I was happy when the Italians beat both the Brazilians and the Argentines to take the World Cup in 1982.

You see, tomorrow is now a national holiday in Switzerland and guys who were nobodys are now very likely to have streets and schools and sports venues and babies in their home towns named after them.

Years from now Swiss will look back on this like Canadians look at 1972 and children will brag proudly about what their grandfathers did in Torino.

Meanwhile Goliath will shrug the loss off and regroup for another foe.

But for now, long live King David.

As much as it was nice to see how happy they were. Gerber was unstoppable...or, I mean, very stoppy. You know?

Good post Zona.
I don't boo Americans by the way, I just like when we beat them at sports...well anything really. We're like the little brother/sister who is always trying to prove themself...well and hockey is ours. :P
i'm always a fan of underdog wins...

and yeah, the canadian complex is sort of annoying sometimes.

and binsk, apparently hockey belongs to the swiss.

And here I thought Canada? What's not to love?:)
I'm so out of the loop!

(Yeah, I came here just to say that.)
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