Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where do I go from here?

Today I met the other two Hansen brothers. I had met one in Calgary some years ago when his son was playing in a hockey tournament. Slap Shot is part of Canadian lore. I know guys who can recite the whole movie. So now my mission in Canada is about complete. I have met most of the most famous Canadians around.

Don Cherry, David Suzuki, Jann Arden, Matthew Good, Bret Hart, Ralph Klein, Ron MacLean, Pitt, Jerome Iginla, Mario Lemieux, Lanny McDonald, Five of the six Sutter brothers.

Granted the Hansen brothers are Americans but if all Canadian males took a vote to decide which three Americans would be the only Americans allowed into Canada it would probably be them.

All I have left is Gretsky, Sue Johansen, and Red Green and my quest will be over.

hey dan, if you put our pictures together, we have them all! check out todays post.
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