Monday, February 20, 2006

The Viking

My woman died from winter sickness that took many in my village so when the spring came and ships sailed to Ireland I went along to find a new woman. I had not gone before but the plan was to be in Ireland for a long time and as a skilled shipmaker I was asked to go. I could also handle a sword and it was known that we would have to conquer the port again. The last time they had gone with six ships but this time we were taking fifty.

The Irish put up a decent fight but there were too many of us for them and the fight was soon finished. I soon picked out a woman. A spirited woman. I don't know if she just gave up the fight or maybe she liked the look of me but she settled down and wasn't a bad cook. Soon she was heavy with child and I started to learn about this god she prayed to. I pray to many gods so one more wouldn't be a bad thing.

A boy was born and she seemed happy. I was happy to because a son brings good luck. I just hoped that he would live to be a man.

I found a man who could tell me what she said when she spoke so I learned that her man had died in the same winter as my first woman. He also told me that she would stay with me if I promised to protect her from the others and provide for her. Since that is what I was doing anyway I promised.

We had another son and a daughter and the boys learned my craft and the girl learned house things. I learned to talk her language because our children could talk both. The day came that it was time for us to go back to my home because the Irish were becoming more successful with their raids and wars on the outer settlements of my people.

She told me she would go if I prayed to her god and the priest made us holy. I did because one more god was good to have and I liked having her around.

my God Zona, it took me some seconds to realize this was fiction.
you shouldn't start posts like that you know :)
I love, LOVE, these stories. They're like pieces of chocolate they're so yummy :)
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