Friday, February 24, 2006

Tonight is the Swollen Members show down in Bellingham. Doors open at 8.

I work overtime until 6. No problem.

I went to take a nap at 4 yesterday and didn't get up until this morning at 3:30.

I had a dream that I won TWO $10,000 slot machine jackpots which is strange because I never play slots. When I came out of the casino I discovered that somebody had mounted a wooden camper shell on my car. Security was walking me out because I had all this money and we found the idiot who had mounted the monstrosity on my car. Needless to say there was some profanity yelled. Then I realized that the sun was about to come up and my thought turned to how I was going to explain being out all night to my wife. I don't know why women get so uptight when husbands stay out all night.

So now I'm thinking if I should stop by the casino after the Swollen Members show.

I saw Swollen Members live a few years back, -they were really good!

Are you gonna be working Friday March 17th around 7am??? :) (crosses fingers)
Yes. I have this feeling that I'm going to be in a good mood that day.

Get back with me before then and I'll tell you what number I'm going to be.
You stayed out all night and your wife didn't call you?
Hope you loved the concert and
everyone is writing about
dreams on their blogs lately!

she has no way to call me. I hate cell phones. they are instruments of SATAN!
You said swollen member...heh.

That's such a cool name, swollen member.

I feel like Beavis or Butthead I can't stop laughing @ swollen member.
I don't get it.
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