Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ten annoying things at you know where

1. People picking up trash from the floor thinking I want it on my counter or think that I will grab it and throw it away.
2. People repeating my questions. "Where are you going?" "Where am I going?"
3. People who make dumb comments when the room is empty. "Wow, this room is empty!"
4. People who ask me where I live and then act miffed when I tell them that I don't answer that question. (I'm STILL waiting for somebody to ask why so I can tell them that it's none of their business where I live)
5. That Tim Horton's doesn't have a line for people who only want a hot drink and a donut and a separate line for people who want soup and sandwiches at 7 frikkin 30 or want the bagel with light cream cheese..."wait that's too much but don't take off that much..."
6. Parents who give their kids really dumb names.
7. Women my age who come up to me chewing gum with their mouths open. (It happens a LOT)
8. People who don't know what food is.
9. Everything about Air Canada.
10. People who tell me, "I cross all the time and I never bring that and they always let me in". or "the travel agent said I didn't need that" or "can't you tell by my accent?"

You should write a book!
titled: "All the Stupid Fucks at the Airport."
I start but then I get lazy. :(
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