Thursday, February 16, 2006

Song for a long ago stranger

Sorry it is that we meet this way
But I'm in a bad way
I just don't know this time
If they'll kill me
Or if I will get away

I know I can't ask you to hide me
Later you will deny me
I won't be caged again
Tonight's my end
Jesus what's become of me

Let me catch my breath
And I'll be gone
Out the back way
I'll lead them far away
But I'll leave this behind
I'll go down by the river
With the bags
And a few bills
And they'll never suspect
The real reason
You moved away

My life of crime ends when they find me
It ends when they corner me
I'll shoot over their heads
It'll pin them down
Until the gun goes empty on me

Let me catch my breath
And I'll be gone
Go far away
Lay in the sun for me
Don't bother with thoughts of me
And how I went so very wrong
Live the life
Find the quiet
Leave the city far behind
Like it left me
So long ago

Good lyrics, but awfully sad.:(
Did you write this?
yeah, I wrote that. It's about an armed robber who ducks into an annoymous house with the law close behind.
I just sat down and pounded this thing out in about ten minutes. I was going to put it in story form but decided to mix things up.

I look at it now and go "EEWWW" but I can't delete any of these in the series of what I'm working on.
if armed robbers write like that i'd like to know them
Cool! Nice work!
That's good!

I thought somebody else wrote them but I shoulda known....
Keep up the good work film editing schools
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